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Our Story: Who We Are



Due to the abrupt measures put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that Canadian students are faced with novel and intensified working conditions at school. At the same time, parents are being expected to academically support their children at home now that courses have been moved online. With an insufficient amount of teaching experience to adequately teach their children, a lack of time to teach their children due to the responsibility of working during this financially stressful time, or without the financial means to supply their children with academic help due to layoffs, accessible tutoring has become a necessity to parents. 

With our team of British Columbia university student leaders we launched Mentoring the Stars in April 2020, inspired by the UCLA student service project "Tutoring for Heroes", to help those struggling to find adequate academic support during these unprecedented times. Our goal is to help children of all grade levels, backgrounds and learning abilities to adjust to the abrupt transition to online classes through remote tutoring.

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