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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Programs
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How do I apply?

To become a mentee, fill out the application under the Register button on the Who Are We page, and we will match you up with a mentor as soon as possible!

To become a mentor, fill out the application under the Volunteer button on the Who Are We page, and we will match you up with a mentee as soon as possible!

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How are the sessions structured?

Each session is personalized based on the needs and preferences of the mentee. Aspects such as the time, duration, frequency, subject, platform and goal of the sessions can be indicated in the application.


This will help us match each mentee with a compatible mentor, so that every student has the best opportunity to thrive in our program! 

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Are students with accommodations eligible for tutoring?

Absolutely! Our program is available regardless of language barriers, academic strength or potential learning disabilities. We have many tutors who have experience with tutoring students from all backgrounds, and we will do our best to match you up with a mentor that will best suit your needs.

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Can I apply for French tutoring if my child is in French immersion?

Yes! As long as there is a tutor available that can sufficiently teach a course at the required level, you can be tutored in any subject. Please be aware that it may take more time to match you up with a tutor since French is not one of the three main subjects provided in this program. Make sure to indicate all accommodations in your application so that we can match you up with the appropriate mentor.

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