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Parent Testimonial

"I just wanted to let you know how very grateful we are to have stumbled across this program. I have 3 kids to guide through online school and the past 6 weeks have been very stressful and challenging. Our 15 year-old was falling behind and I worried he was missing crucial concepts that he will need to succeed in Grade 10 in the fall.


He just finished his first week of tutoring with [his tutor], and she has been fantastic! Forget forestry, she should become a teacher! I sent her my son's resources and homework in Math and Science and she has created study sheets for him and had 2 wonderfully interactive and informative sessions with him. He was hesitant but she has somehow engaged him and he is already grasping some complex concepts due to her teaching, helpful acronyms and tips and tricks.


Due to covid, both my husband and I are unemployed currently and we would not be able to afford this kind of help fir out son. We are so very grateful to your program, and to [our son's tutor]."

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